Today in the PJ: South Conference Updates

South Conference

 The South Conference in the PJHL is looking like a great last week to determine playoff matchups. In the Doherty Division you have 3 teams battling for first place. Wellesley, Woodstock and Tavistock are within 3 points of each other in the final week. You also have New Hamburg only 2 points back of 3rd place. With these teams so close in this region it will make for an exciting playoff and hopefully some big crowds.

Wellesley head of hockey operations Brock Gerber is exciting about his team because it is so young. He has 2 really good goalies who have split the games. When do you see two goalies that have played that many games and have a goals against under two  at any level of Junior Hockey. Veteran Will Cramp is 12-1 worth a goals against of 1.62. Rookie Frank Boal has a 13-4-1-2 record with a goals against of 1.86. 

Tavistock Manager Jordan Zehr likes the depth of his team going in to playoffs. He says it is nice to go to the arena every night and have to fight and play well to get 2 points.

The Bloomfield Division has never been closer with 5 teams separated by 6 points at the top of the standings.

Grimsby is at the top with Dundas tied for first going in to the last weekend. . Glanbrook, Port Dover and Niagara are all close which should mean for an exciting playoff.

Longtime manager of Dundas Blues Steve Aglor has one the youngest teams in the PJHL fighting for first place. He credits his coach Dane O’Neill as leading the way with this young teams. This is definitely the closest conference at the top in the PJHL. Conference manager Steve Sumka says it will be a great playoff with lots of teams having a chance to win in playoffs.

Doug Kennedy-PJHL