An Outstanding Organization: Puck Support

The PJ is so honoured to get the opportunity to promote and spread awareness about an incredible organization that supports a meaningful cause: Puck Support. They are advocates and volunteers within the PJHL.

“The hockey community has been hit hard with a multitude of tragic deaths related to suicide and overdose. Here at Puck Support, we are determined to fight against not only the stigma of mental illness and addiction but we are in the process of creating an outlet for the entire hockey community. Our goal is to offer players, coaches and parents direct access to support and other invaluable resources. Currently, 1 in 4 people battle mental health issues and 1 in 5 will battle against substance abuse and alcohol. These issues are unfortunately are very common but are not openly discussed in our community of hockey. “It’s okay to not be okay” Empowering those individuals who need help to reach out and get them the help they need and deserve, one life at a time.”

Igniting change in mental health and addiction by setting the hockey world in motion. Remembering and honouring those we have lost. #NEVERFORGET.

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or by emailing Elaine Stirk, Mental Health Advocate, at 

You can also direct questions to