Lucan Irish tribute lost player after 2 years

The Lucan Irish hosted a memorial game against the Exeter Hawks this weekend on October 16 in memory of a lost player. Down below is an excerpt from the Lucan Irish social media detailing the event.
“So many emotions from our Nick Smith Memorial Game this weekend. Not a dry eye in the building as we remembered our teammate and retired his #17 jersey. We’ve been waiting 2 years to have everyone together again for this important ceremony. While our hearts were heavy, they were also full of strength and hope for the future of our community and sport.
We also sent our OA players, Nick’s teammates, home with their jerseys from their final season with the Irish.
Thank you again to everyone who attended, supported, and sent their love.”
The PJHL sends out their hearts to the friends, family, fans, players, and Staff of the Lucan Irish. we are so glad you could finally celebrate a beautiful life and terrible loss after such a long time.