OHA Announces Partnership with Lipsweater NFT: Offers Education Program

Ever heard of NFTs, blockchain or crypto and wondered what it’s all about? Well now is your chance. The Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) and the Provincial Junior Hockey League (PJHL) are proud to announce a new innovative partnership with Lipsweater

The OHA, PJHL & Lipsweater will be offering a free 5-week web3 & NFT educational program for all of its members. The program will consist of two weekly 45-minute Zoom sessions, Q&A workshops and expert interviews. You can get more information on the proposed curriculum and/or register here at lipsweaterlearn.com 

This is a great opportunity to learn about web3, NFTs, the metaverse, and all the new technological changes coming your way. We highly encourage all players, coaches and staff to participate and broaden their knowledge.

The program starts on Tuesday, May 31st, but all recordings will be available afterwards.

Don’t wait, there are limited spots! 

Why partner up with Lipsweater?

As a sport, as an industry, and as a community, hockey faces key challenges that Lipsweater hopes to address. Lipsweater is an NFT club that lets hockey members rally together, get their voices heard, and reap upsides as owners. The organization has brought 65+ NHLers onboard as co-owners and will be releasing its genesis collection during and live from the NHL draft. 

There will be only 314 units available for sale in this first release. You can reserve one at lipsweaternft.com 

The OHA & PJHL are constantly trying to provide their community with tools and resources to grow. The legitimacy and experience of the Lipsweater management team, their serious investors, the buy-in from a large number of professional players and the vision were a perfect fit for the OHA & PJHL